Hunting Safari Equipment - Nathan Askew

What To Bring On Your Hunting Safari

One Light Rifle - 270, 30.06, 7mm Magnum, 300 Winchester Mag, 300 Weatherby. With variable power scope (2x-7x, 3x-9x, etc.), rifle sling, 80 rounds of ammunition (we recommend Swift A-Frames or Barnes), hard gun case, and a soft gun case (lightly padded zipper type)

One Heavy Rifle (when required) - 375 H&H Mag, 458 Winchester Mag, 416 Remington, .470 N.E. etc. With low power variable power scope (1x- 6x), rifle sling, 30 rounds of ammunition (soft point), 30 rounds of ammunition (full metal jacket), hard gun case (1 case for both rifles is sufficient for airline travel), soft gun case (sock type)

12 Gauge Shotgun (if bird hunting is desired) - Ammo for shotgun (discuss with us as it is usually best to buy the ammo in Africa if available)

Clothing - 3 pairs of cotton trousers (khaki or green), jeans if desired, 3 shirts (cotton, long sleeve), 1 khaki coat with hood or lightweight brown down jacket with hood, 1 hat (your choice), 5 dark t’s, 5 underpants, 5 pair of socks, 1 belt, 1 pair of sport sandals, 1 pair tennis shoe, 1 pair of leather boots (lightweight, similar to those used for bird hunting), 1 down vest or wool sweater, 1 jogging suit for sleeping, sock hat, light leather gloves. Please make sure that your ‘khaki’ clothing is not too lightly colored.

Miscellaneous - 2 folding knives, 2 chap-lip, 2 rifle shell holders and carrier (belt type), 1 washcloths, suntan lotion, sunglasses, camera with flash and extra batteries and film, digital camera, binoculars (your choice), medications and recommended shots (see your doctor, malaria prophylactics are recommend for all areas outside of South Africa), personal travel kit (razor, toothbrush, etc), candy (optional), canteen with belt, flashlight with extra batteries, plastic bags (Ziploc small and large), extra prescription glasses (if required), lotion (for dry skin), moist wipes, duct tape, Kleenex, many of these small miscellaneous items are great to leave behind as additional tips to the staff.

Other - Travel documents, passport, Visa (when required), reading material, phone numbers (foreign, etc), confirmation of hotel reservations and/or car rentals, air tickets, money, medical records (as required), GPS (optional). Nights are cool and a jacket is usually required for riding on a truck or sitting outside near the campfire. Normal voltage supply in Africa is 220 volts-50 cycles and the plugs are specific to the country you will be in.

Please note: for travel it is best to keep all documents and valuables in your carry-on. Your gun case is one checked piece of luggage, your duffle bag or suit case is your second. You will pay extra for a third piece of checked luggage, you will pay extra if your bags are over weight. I have satellite phones and cell phones for each country – unless you are going to be using a lot of minutes save your money and use my communication devices.

Gun Papers and transport: You will need a U.S. customs form 4457 for your guns, call them for the office closest to you.

In South Africa you will need a letter of invitation by the outfitter, a letter of intent from you (why are you bring a gun into the country?), a copy of your return plane ticket, copy of passport, South African temporary import document for a firearm (completed but not signed). Other paperwork is country specific, we will provide as needed.